Saturday, 28 April 2012

2mm ECW- Initial photos

So here's my pile of tiny models. Not that anyone cares.
 This is the studio- not really the best, but still, better than nothing.

 The muskets, a load of BG2

Skirmishers- BG3 because its cheaper than the renaissance ones. I'm stealing an idea from Mr Steelonsand, and using these to represent shot circulating to fire, as was the way back then.
A demonstration of firing by extraduction.

The pike- RBG9. Unfortunately, the flanks and fronts on these were fairly poorly defined, though judging by other photos, it's just a bad batch.

Some cavalry, I think that these are the parliament cavalry- they have smaller hats. RBG19

If the last were parliamentarian, I think these are Royalists, due to their significantly larger hats, easily visible. RBG17

Large Renaissance Cannon, RBG29. These're my Sakers.

Light Guns, my falconets, RBG26.

A shot of the Parliament battle line, in the nude at twilight.

I seem to have neglected to photograph my Ribalds, RBG27, but I'll post them once painted.
Anyhoo, trarabit.

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