Saturday, 28 April 2012

2mm ECW- Leveson's Regiment of Horse

 Colonel Thomas Leveson was born in Wolverhampton in the early 17th century. In the war, he sided with the King, and was appointed governor of Dudley Castle. Despite this garrison role, however, Leveson was a successful cavalry officer, and he and his regiment of horse served with the King's army on many fields.
Like with much about the war, I know very little about the man, but I have learned a fair amount from another blog, especially this post:
I thank the author for his research. Though the photos don't show it, I have made use of the information on the regiment's colours. I thank you again.

 Here are some pictures of a company from the London Traynebands, bracing for a charge from Leveson's horse.

2mm ECW- London Traynebands

 The London Traynebands were militias from the London area. They were present from the start of the war, and, whilst never being a crack fighting force (like today's equivalent), were devoted to the Parliamentary cause throughout the three wars, being present at Turnham Green, Gloucester, Newbury, and many other places.
 In January 1642, all of the London Traynebands were put under the command of Philip Skippon. When asked to report by the king, in the May of that year, Skippon stated his devotion to God, and to no man, so sided with the Puritan Parliamentarians.
Skippon had a successful and illustrious career in the war, and was eventually appointed as the first Sergeant Major General of the New Model Army.

2mm ECW- Talbot's Regiment

I'd like to start with apologies about the photos, they are poor, but I'll try and be better with other photos.
 Talbot's regiment were commanded by Talbot, the Earl of Shrewsbury. I know not which one, whether it be John, or Francis, or another, or all of the above.
 Though much information about uniforms from the era goes unknown, it seems to be generally accepted that Talbot's men were clad in yellow, at some point in the war, at least. Talbot's colours were two dogs sable on a field or. I'm sure that research or a better knowledge of heraldry would allow me to give a better description.
Though the regiment's owner was Salopian, the regiment had a large proportion of it's men from Ireland. 
I'm afraid as I can't tell you much more, but if you're not interested in great detail, and are actually reading this, then you've struck or.

2mm ECW- Initial photos

So here's my pile of tiny models. Not that anyone cares.
 This is the studio- not really the best, but still, better than nothing.

 The muskets, a load of BG2

Skirmishers- BG3 because its cheaper than the renaissance ones. I'm stealing an idea from Mr Steelonsand, and using these to represent shot circulating to fire, as was the way back then.
A demonstration of firing by extraduction.

The pike- RBG9. Unfortunately, the flanks and fronts on these were fairly poorly defined, though judging by other photos, it's just a bad batch.

Some cavalry, I think that these are the parliament cavalry- they have smaller hats. RBG19

If the last were parliamentarian, I think these are Royalists, due to their significantly larger hats, easily visible. RBG17

Large Renaissance Cannon, RBG29. These're my Sakers.

Light Guns, my falconets, RBG26.

A shot of the Parliament battle line, in the nude at twilight.

I seem to have neglected to photograph my Ribalds, RBG27, but I'll post them once painted.
Anyhoo, trarabit.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

They're here!

After a mere 3 working days, my pack of troops has arrived from Irregular.
I've got six companies of infantry, 90 or so men each, and two of cavalry, 60 horse each. I've got four falconets, two sakers, and, potentially very unrealistically, two ribaldequin.
When I've the time, I'll photograph them and do writing.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Models in the post

Well, for all of you followers out there, you'll be wondering what happened to my regular updates. Me too. Anyway, I've written off to irregular miniatures, and will be receiving two small renaissance armies within a fortnight. Maybe writing off on a Friday wasn't a great idea. Anyhow, I'll post up some pictures upon acquisition, and then upon painting, and so on. On a similar note, I've nearly painted all of my napoleonics, so I'll assemble those for photography, over the weekend. Till then.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

A project what I'd like to be starting.

Well, there's a thing upon the blogoblag which goes by the name of the Spring RTS engine. If you really can't figure out where this is going, I'll be having a go at making something with it over an indefinite period. The one problem is that the computer which I'm using isn't yet compatible with the engine. I think that this may take a while.